Got a large space to cover without Wi-Fi dead spots?

Simply put, Wi-Fi dead spots are those areas in your luxury homes or Carrier Class Wi-Fi areas where the signal is at its weakest or completely absent. We have all had these experiences when the content we are consuming starts buffering slowly when moved from one part of the house to another or a video call gets disconnected owing to bad connectivity. This can happen due to multiple reasons and wherever there are obstructions. You see, Wi-Fi basically comprises of radio waves and just like sound or light waves, they get deflected when facing an obstruction or can be interfered with. The obstruction can happen owing to the house structure-walls, doors etc. and the interference can occur due to other devices emitting radio waves like a microwave.

Enter Mesh Wi-Fi

If you have a large space and the above said is your grouse, Mesh Wi-Fi might just be the solution for it. Every Wi-Fi network has a router that transmits the radio waves to the smart devices we use to access the internet. Now, as the limitation of these radio waves would have it, they are able to cover only a limited area with their transmission. And hence, the places where the waves can’t reach become the dead spots. Now let us see how the Mesh technology helps-

  1. Instead of depending on a single router, Mesh has a group of access points that help in transmitting the signal further.
  2. The traditional Wi-Fi networks use range extenders to solve this problem, but these tend to complicate it further because each such device normally has a different network with a different name. On the other hand, Mesh networks use a common network across all access points and hence are much more seamless in nature.
  3. Also, Mesh routers can be automated wherein you access them through an app on your mobile in order to create guest networks, switch them off or even to check network speeds.

tantra takes you one step ahead in this seamless experience!

We, at tantra, aim to give you a seamless network so that as you move around your house, the signal is smoothly transferred from one access point to the next without you having to experience dead spots. Also, we are cloud-connected which ensures that the management of the Wi-Fi network for the user is quite simple and cost-effective too. We do all this by using Carrier Class wireless mesh technology as our foundation and then building on it with our detailed add-ons listed below-

Use of Artificial Intelligence

We are also AI-powered and with the help of that tantra scans the environment, runs simulations on the cloud and adjusts automatically to optimize your browsing experience- all in real-time.  Below are some AI features that make tantra one-of-its-kind:

  • Band Steering- tantra understands that to which band the device should be connected when a user roams around so that user gets seamless connectivity.
  • Load Balancing- Different devices have different capabilities and tantra can measure those differences. For example – imagine lots of people in the same area, all gaming and streaming. Before congestion becomes a problem, tantra can steer some devices to less busy resource. This balance loads over the network, to ensure the best experience for everyone.
  • Coverage Hole Detection- With this capability, tantra is able to identify the ideal placement of tantra access points by identifying the areas that lack coverage. This helps us enhance the users’ Wi-Fi experience with Zero Dead Spots.
  • Auto Tuning- tantra access points auto-tune themselves intelligently depending on the data they collect from the nearby APs. This ensures better coverage and minimum interference between nearby access points.

In-depth Analytics- For use in offices, tantra has a detailed analysis for every access point, every user and each device. Access to these easy-to-read graphics provides you with a great amount of visibility on your own usage patterns.

In the era we live in, access to the internet is a must at all times and hence, dealing with dead spots can be quite harassing. Hence, your technology choices need to be smart so that you don’t deal with trivial connectivity issues. tantra can be that flawless whole-home or office Wi-fi system that can provide you with wall to wall coverage. You may contact us for more details.

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