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An optimized Wi-Fi experience

tantra is not like ordinary consumer Wi-Fi. tantra points talk to each other and the cloud, to optimize the experience for every user.

They know the type of each connected device and treat it differently, according to its capabilities. So fast laptops never drown-out slow smartphones.

Everyone gets what they need, when they need it.

Wi-Fi living room

It listens, learns, and adjusts

tantra detects signals from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi and other devices in your home that compete in the same spectrum as Wi-Fi, and it reports what it knows about the air-space, to the cloud. Meanwhile, the cloud crunches numbers on radio signals, device performance and user location – to calculate the best configuration to avoid performance-crippling interference or congestion.

If demands or external conditions change, tantra responds. It adjusts itself automatically to ensure every user gets the best experience possible. The hard work is done in the cloud, so tantra points only need to serve users, not combat interference.


Automatic setup in minutes

It takes just a few minutes to connect your first tantra point to your broadband router and create user IDs. Then, as you add more, they configure themselves – literally, no questions asked!

You never have to worry about dodging channels your neighbors are using, tantra does that automatically. And it monitors the environment ever-after, to detect changes and tune its own settings.

Configuration is a cinch

You don’t even need to download an app. Simply log into to your account, through a browser on any device. Then, register your tantra points, name your network and create user IDs for your family members. That’s it!

You can also set priorities for different users or devices such as SmartTVs and game stations, set parental controls such as limiting access by time of day, and allow secure guest access.

Wi-Fi Setup Wizard

It goes anywhere you want

With no network wiring required, you have the freedom to put tantra points wherever you like, and move them at any time. Need more coverage, just add more. There are no limitations.

Put them on the ceiling, on a wall, or any surface to suit your space and decor. High-performance internal antennas ensure all-round connectivity even outdoors.

It is tamper-proof and secure

Unlike typical routers and Wi-Fi access points, there is no way to access or alter settings except through your account in the cloud, which itself is secured with the same encryption used for online payments.  Configuration changes and software updates are initiated automatically from the cloud over 256 bit encrypted tunnels, and every event is logged.

User security employs the same WPA2 security standards used in Carrier Class Wi-Fi networks. And guests are segregated on their own “virtual” network to prevent viruses on an infected device from jumping to a family member’s device. Security credentials for users and devices are only stored in the cloud. This prevents hackers from extracting personal information or user credentials from a stolen tantra point.

Controls Guest Access

Controls guest access

When you have guests in your home you can let them use your Wi-Fi to access to the Internet, without giving out the credentials for family members.

The same physical network can act as two (or more) virtual networks. One for your family and one for guests. Guests are securely segregated from family users and pose no threat. You can even limit the bandwidth they get.

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